April 17, 2013

Solutions for a new world

Solutions for a new world by Doctah B Sirius.
Solution 1 step 1
I have been asked by many folks how do we change the world
for the better. The best place to begin the process is self improvement. Focusing on what you can control in you're world causes good to expand.
We know the problems, so no need in giving them any more life force energy. Its high time we stop waiting on solutions to just magically appear, its time for each of us to be responsible and create the solutions ourselves now. We have and have always had the power to change our world but first we must change ourselves for the better to succeed. We must learn to let go of our useless baggage from the past, travel light, move quickly and forgive others for imperfections. Our so called family and friends may not be with the changes we make in fact they may work hard to keep you the same as you've always been out of fear for "your safety". Many of our loved ones are in too deep, they've lost true faith and the art of imagination. 85% of people in the western world are asleep in a matrix and don't desire to be awakened, they believe in fairytales. Are you willing to go down with them and on a ship that you are not the captain of? Time for us to stop talking so much, living in the past, start doing the real work, and never look back at the falling of illusions of Babylon. And never think that your little piece of the pie won't help, always remember the universe is made up of lots of small pieces that make the whole thing work. Do your part, mind you're business and always do your best. To accomplish these tasks we need a healthy mind and body or failure is eminent. Try natural foods and herbal supplements, they help keep us rejuvenated and focused. Get rid of the parasites and toxins in your life for they cause most mental and physical diseases, 85% of people are hosts for super bugs and poisons. This is just the starting point to help change the world, stay tuned for more solutions for a new world coming soon.

Join us in the field of infinite possibilities and be the vision you see for the world. Doctah B Sirius 2012