April 23, 2009

Parasite Cleansing and Detoxification


  1. How is the Parasite Cleanse changed your life?
    Do you feel any different?
    Was it difficult to stay on the cleanse?
    Do you plan to do it again?
    What other products have you purchased from elevation.
    Tell us about your exspirence whit the products you,ve purchased from elevation?

  2. Hello Doctah B.,

    Thank you for today's workshop. I am currently on the sixth day of the Parasite Cleanse and I speak and think more specifically and clearly. Thank you.

  3. You spoke of this parasite cleansing on Light 08 Radio. How did you come to discover its effectiveness?

  4. i heardyour show on rumor mill news radio... you have a lot of passion and it inspired my passion.. thank you. I hope to be able to purchase your parasite cleanse in the very near future. Right now i am getting more educated on the subject for preparation.

    Have you heard of dr. robert beck and his inventions? If not look it up! If so, what are your thoughts on his methods for the treatment of parasites, viruses, fungus, etc.?

  5. Doctah B products really really work!! I use to weigh, two hundred and forty two pounds. got on Doctah B"s Products, less then two months ive lost sofar seventeen pounds. and his product keeps you together you don't loose control like othe produts Ive tried, in which i gave in, and started back eating any and everything. (Key thing you must follow Doctah B"s instructions and when you get rid of those parasite. you have got it made} I highly Recomend Doctah
    B"s products